How to mount your X2 Transponder.


Your MYLAPS X2 Transponder is directional so the way you mount it is very important and diffrent from the older transponders.


The "M8" connector on the transponder must be pointing upwards when the transponder is mounted in the car.

mylaps x2 transponder holder and clip for all mylaps x2 transponders

The clip its self has an arrow pointing in the direction of the track ... as the transponder only fits in the clip one way, you must make sure this arrow points twords the track surface.

Also distance from the racing surface is a factor ... the limit according to mylaps is 2 feet from the track to the top of the transponder. (we want it as low as possible though)

The transponder must also have a clear view of the track surface with nothing obstructing it.  This means you cant mount it in the trunk and expect it to work ... below are some recomended and proven mounting locations.

Required Mounting Location:

Grands, 8 Cylinder, Truck Enduros

On a full frame vechicle the mounting location is 12" behind the rear axle on the frame

**Pictures coming**

4/6 Cylinder, Gut N Go, and Mini 8 - or any unibody car with no rear frame rail 

As close to 12" Behind the Rear axle as you can get 

we understand there is no frame rail to or the rail just may not be an option due to interference ... we suggest the following location for any unibody car

We mounted ours to the spare tire well behind the rear tire ... its one of the closest points to the track on our cars and the least likely to take damage out of the options we had to work with.

IMG 2198


The above Mount produces Signal Strength of 150 and hits upward of 120

 13714488 10153581437587540 1077222791 n

13649553 10154616988713888 453898767 n

13705252 1065949070161172 82783377 n

Be sure the transponder has a clear path to the track surface and is mounted in the correct direction (dont mount it sideways)


Gut N Go Options 

Some of the Gut N Go division are unable to use this spot due to obsticals like the muffler and such ... if you find yourself in this position we recommend useing the flap method in the spare tire well 

Cut a 6" x 6" flap in the bottom of the well and fold it up 

mount the bracket to the flap with the pin on the bracket facing down(x2 only) and positioned 1/4" below the bottom of the well

make sure the flap is at a 90 degree angle ... if it gets bent a couple degrees you may not score 

we suggest putting a corner brace inplace so it can not bend 

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