Activating your new X2 transponder Step by Step

Section 1 - Create an account 

if you already have a mylaps account you can skip to section 2. (you may have created one when you ordered your transponder)


Go to and click “Sign up” in the top right corner.


Complete your signup details and click “Create account”.


An email will be sent to the email address provided in the sign up form and the following message will display.


Open the email and click on the blue button “Confirm your new MYLAPS account” (if the email does
not show up in your inbox, check your junk or spam filter as it may be there).


After clicking the link (blue button), the account activation page will open. Create and confirm you


After clicking the Activate account button (blue button), a confirmation explains your account is active.


Click “Login” to go to the log in screen.


Section 2 - Register your X2 Transponder

Visit and login in to your personal MYLAPS account. (if your following along your already logged in)


Click the “Register your transponder or chip” button. The Register dialog appears where you can enter
the number on the label of your X2 Transponder into the “Transponder number” field.

(you may have to click "My Products" on the left menu to access the register transponder section)



Click “Register” and check that the following confirmation screen appears.


Here, you can click the “Download MYLAPS Connect” button to install the application onto your
computer (needed to activate your X2 Transponder)

See How to install MyLaps Connect for instructions on how to install the software on a windows platform.


Section 3 - Activate your X2 Transponder

Ensure you have MYLAPS Connect installed on your computer – (See How to install MyLaps Connect for instructions on how to install the software)

Also make sure your computer is connected to the internet. (if you are reading this your connected to the internet)


Start the MYLAPS Connect application on your computer.



Login to MYLAPS Connect with your MYLAPS Email and Password.


 Wait until the “No X2 RaceKey detected. Searching for X2 RaceKey” message appears:

Then attach your X2 RaceKey to your computer with the USB cable.


The activation process starts automatically and the following message appears:


Notice that the information on the right of the screen explains the current status of your transponder
subscription (green tick = subscription is valid for more than 30 days; orange icon = subscription is valid
for 1 to 30 days; red icon = subscription is expired and must be renewed).

Wait until the activation is complete and the following message appears:


Connect the X2 RaceKey to the X2 Transponder. The X2 Transponder is immediately
activated (the lamp on the transponder blinks green).



Now all 3 lights on the racekey should be green (the checkered light may be alternating green to red this indicates the transponder is charging)

Once the transponder is fully charged all lights should be steady green

IMG 2195

Disconnect the transponder from the race key and you should see the small lights on the transponders "M8 Connector" are blinking green in a pattern


The Pattern consists of  a pause then Blink, Blink, Blink, Blink, pause ... this indicates how many days of charge are left in the transponder (4 blinks indicates 4 days, 3 blinks 3 days, etc ...) 

if the light on the transponder is blinking red once every 5 seconds this indicates there is less than one day of charge in the transponder.


If the transponder is blinking red 5 times per second the transponder is not activated and will not score. (Please either start at the begining of this guide again or contact MYLAPS )