Transponder General Info

Transponder 101

X2 Transponder

mylaps only sells these now they are the X2 transponders and they need an active subscription to work they are technically a lease program from mylaps




Flex Transponder

 These can be found used/new on eBay and other places ...*** note the word FLEX on the label *** these also need a subscription to work



AMB 260 Type Transponder

These are the old style that do not need a subscription  - *** note they don’t say FLEX on the label *** ... can be found on eBay and amazon used/new



only thing to note is some people will have access to the Yellow or Kart transponders ... they may or may not work in a car ... the differentiation between car and kart is the speed they will register at

X2 Car are good to 161 MPH 
X2 Kart are only good to 74 MPH 

if your anywhere near 15 second lap times you may be over the 75 mph at the line so the kart won’t work in that case

I believe I read 100 mph for the yellow flex somewhere ... and the older non subscription was faster ... but they seriously gimped the new X2 kart 

if you attempt to use the kart transponder you do so at your own risk



Transponder Clips

New style X2 transponder clip … will only fit the X2 transponders


Flex and Classic transponder clip … these will fit the AMB260x transponder and the Mylaps flex transponders 


Note the pin locations are completly diffrent between the two clips (see the arrow that points tword the track)