Transponder Signal Strength Issues

Attention 4/6 Car Enduro Drivers 

after reviewing the scoring data with mylaps today we have found the issue causing the randomly missed laps

The Issue is LOW signal strength from a number of drivers transponders

So here is a list of the 4/6 people that need to fix their transponder mounts before the race on the 24th

Alden Welch
Michael Farrell
Mike Biddlecomb
George Davis
Steven Trimboli
Joe Warren
Ryan Warren  #24 
Rob Allen 
Bryan Kelly
Joshua Creel

a good signal on a transponder registers a signal strength of 140 and up ... it also shows a hit number of 100 and up

the people listed here have signal strengths of 70 and below and are registering a hit count of 25 and below

(hit count is how many times the loop sees the transponder each time you pass over the line ... this number should be as high as possible)

as a point of reference ... 
car #27 shows signal strength of 150 and 127 hits - GOOD 
Car #8 shows signal strength of 34 and 15 hits - BAD

If you are using the flap mount the hole MUST be 6" and the transponder should be sticking out below the hole at least a 1/4"

if you are using a frame mount there must be at least 6" on 3 sides of the transponder with no obstructions and it must have a clear view to the track

if you have questions on how to correct this issue take a picture of your current mount and message me and i will assist any way i can


Other Divisions with Signal Strength issues

Walter Stroud
Don Nelson
Hank Hallock

No One - congrats guys

8 Cylinder
Sean Fitzpatrick
Thomas Roberts
Dennis Jones

Gut N Go
Don Laskey
Sean Rooney
John Palmeri
Joe Palmeri
Jack Handley
Charles Astacio
John Bianco
Brandon Esposito

Mini 8
Bryan Kelly
Joe Warren
Brandon Esposito
** Cj Zukowski ** your battery was just about dead