Fast & Furious Females Sponsor a Lap

Sunday September 17th - Labor Day Luau

Enduro Truck 67 Lap Feature Sponsorship

All Laps are sold thank you all very much!

JCR Motorsports, Angela Rose Rennick has sponsored the following awards 

Ladies Hard Charger award

 Ladies Fastest Lap time award

Fastest Lap Overall by a Female - Sponsored by Brian Halsey

1. Danielle Cohen - Fredette #77 Racing* 2. Good Luck 77 3.Grandma & Pa Cole
4.Voight towing* 5. Good Luck 77 6.Kenny & Jenn - Cole Boys Racing
7. Danielle Cohen - Fredette #77 Racing* 8.Go Roadblock! - Drew Waranis* 9.Gianaluca Marino, HAM Racing
10. Shinebox motorsports-Riddler racing* 11.Go Roadblock!- Drew Waranis* 12.Road block Racing - Augustine Racing*
13.Heather Dugre' - Sapphire Designs 14.Go Roadblock!- Drew Waranis* 15.Joe Warren Warren Motorsports
16.Kenny & Jenn - Cole Boys Racing 17.Elysse Sullivan 18. Eric Germuth - Ham Racing*
19.Justin McGrady ** 20.Justin McGrady ** 21.Elysse Sullivan
22.Amber Prydatko - Mrs.Tankasurus Racing* 23. Jarrett & Amber JCams Racing 24.Kenny & Jenn - Cole Boys Racing
25.Voight towing* 26.Eric Germuth - Ham Racing* 27.Elysse Sullivan
28. Dustin Cole - Cole Boys Racing 29.Mackie Racing ** 30.Grandma & Pa Cole
31.Faithful Garage** 32.Danielle Corwin #7** 33.Danielle Corwin #7**
34. Brad Bess
35.Red Rocket Racing- Steve Fuller*
36.Voight towing*
37.Gianaluca Marino, HAM Racing 38.Brayden & Sadie from Nelson brothers racing* 39.Justin McGrady **
40.Justin McGrady ** 41.Long Island Poultry* 42.Logan Fogg
43.Long Island Poultry* 44.Road block Racing - Augustine Racing* 45.Preston Prydatko - Tankasurus Racing*
46.Voight towing* 47.Mackie Racing** 48.Joe Warren Warren Motorsports
49.Mackie Racing** 50.Kris Dane - Ham Racing 51.Gianaluca Marino, HAM Racing
52.Okula Motorsports 53.Bustin Justin - Ham Racing ** 54.Preston Prydatko - Tankasurus Racing*
55. Shinebox motorsports-Riddler racing* 56. PC Motorsports* 57.Amber Prydatko - Mrs.Tankasurus Racing*
58. Emily Hubbard 59.Spare Parts Racin'* 60. Kris Dane - Ham Racing
61.Voight towing* 62.Dave Antos* 63.Road block Racing - Augustine Racing*
64.Tim Ham Racing** 65. Joe Boccia - Corporal Joe Racing 66. Joe Boccia - Corporal Joe Racing
  67. Joe Boccia - Corporal Joe Racing  


All Lap Money goes to the main purse.

Laps are $10 per lap and each sponsor will be announced during the race.

Contact Danielle Cohen, Sara Sylvester, or Robert Dugre' if you are intrested in sponsoring laps.

All Laps are sold thank you all very much!